Polyurethane Foam Slab Lifting Technique – Cleaner and Affordable Option

Concrete slabs can fail or get settled because of many reasons. They can cause major fall or trip accidents. Therefore, need to be repaired instantly. Mud-jacking is a technique used since decades. In mud-jacking, slurry is poured beneath the concrete slab and the level is raised as required. The advanced technology is a better alternative called polyurethane foam concrete lifting.

What is polyurethane lifting?

Polyurethane lifting is popular in commercial and residential sector because it is more efficient than traditional technique. In mud-jacking and poly-jacking, the process involved is same in a lot of way.

Small holes are drilled and foam material gets injected below the slab. The polyurethane foam elevates and the slab rises. In polyurethane material there are options like waterproof, which prevents any kind of moisture damage. With this the results can last for years.

Benefits of polyurethane foam lifting technique

Cleaner method

In mud-jacking, slurry is transported and mixed on-site. Moving cart to work area for pumping can cause spills, which can be washed but the process is messy. In polyurethane process the equipment contains the material, which is connected mechanically and sealed to repair the area. Therefore, there is no possibility of spills.

Concrete lifting is less disruptive

Series of holes [2 to 4 feet apart] need to be drilled in concrete slab. The holes are 2” in diameter.

In foam jacking the holes are as small as 1/2 inch in diameter. Drilling is done quietly and quickly. The foam expands and raises the slab very quickly, so the task gets concluded in less time.

Foam material is lightweight

Cement based slurry is heavier than polyurethane. Therefore, the burden on unstable soils beneath concrete slab is reduced in foam-jacking, so the chances of slab getting re-settled gets reduced. Mud-jacking can lead to slab re-settlement in a few years.

There is no downtime experienced in foam lifting process. You can use the repaired concrete zone, very soon after completion.

Other things to remember

Polyurethane foam material is expensive than the slurry used in mud-jacking. Even if the foam is used in small amount the cost can be significant. However, it is much cheaper when compared to replacement of the total concrete slab in terms of time and money.

You need to hire an experienced contractor or the process may go wrong causing waste of time and money. Make sure the contractor is insured and licensed. Even check for warranty of work. Only few contractors handle waterproof polyurethane foam, there consider your options prior making a call.