Reviewing Windows 10: Is This The Best Version Of Windows?

Microsoft had to face considerable criticism for Windows 8.1, but fans of the OS were hopeful about Windows 10. First launched in 2015, Windows 10 was initially allowed as a free update, but not anymore. If you are a fan of Windows 7 and the classic vibe of the OS, Windows 10 should work like a pleasant surprise. In this post, we are discussing further on what you need to know about the latest version of Windows.

The options

Windows 10 has three basic editions – Home, Pro, and Pro for Workstations. The last two have been designed for business and professional needs, while Windows 10 Home is for regular users. We found that the Home version pretty much has everything that you would need for regular use, although the Pro versions scores better in terms of security. Windows 10 best shortcuts are also simple, so you can press the Windows Key + E to open the File Explorer, or use Windows key + Ctrl + F4 to close the Virtual desktop.

The obvious advantages

Windows 10 has DirectX 12 support, and compared to the previous versions, it has better features and a much user-friendly interface. Visually, it is pretty similar to Windows 7, which may please a lot of fans, and it does add in a lot of security features, such as the BitLocker, although most of it is reserved for the Pro version. Also, without 3rd party support, you can get more login options, and it comes with Windows Defender, so you don’t necessarily need an antivirus software. Cortana, which comes from the Halo series, is now available even for the desktop version as the personal assistant.

Final word

Windows 10 does get away with some of the shortcomings of Windows 8.1, and undoubtedly, this is better. You can always check online now to find more on how Windows 10 may differ from other versions. In terms of versions, the Home version is considerably adequate, but if you need more, we recommend that you consider the Pro version that’s ideal for professionals. In terms of Windows keys, you can get it from Microsoft store, or from one of the vendors who are selling keys at a discount. You can still download and use Windows 10 without the key, but to access the full personalization features, having a Windows 10 key is an absolute must.

Check online now and download Windows 10 for your computer.