Synology NAS Data Recovery


Synology NAS data recovery is software which is meant to recover the deleted data of the users. It is a well known and popular application for safe data recovery which suits all types of organizations. There are two options available for the users; small, medium and large organizations; NAS and SAN to complete their data recovery process smoothly over a certain period of time. The main benefit of Synology NAS recovery system is that it is affordable not only for large organizations, but also for home based business which are small in nature.

Significance of NAS Technology

Synology NAS data recovery has been adopted by some hard disk companies, for instance WD and Seagate. These companies have launched hard disks which can recover data with its in-built NAS technology. Other professionals use specially designed drives and provides data recover service to individuals and companies. The service provider of data recovery uses devices like Synology plus NAS Series and many more to recover the client data. Companies using traditional Raid arrays and storage pool are perfect to use Synology software. Storage pools are usually used by large companies which have hundreds of drives which provide storage space for comprehensive backup.

Disadvantages of NAS Technology

The main disadvantage of Synology NAS data recovery software is that faster the data is passed, more packets get dropped. However, there are technologies which help Synology NAS recovery to overcome this issue. Also, Synology works from two types of combinations – Windows + UFS Explorer and Ubuntu + Mdadm. The first combination is easy to use which requires minimum efforts for running windows on relevant computer. But, a licensed version of UFS explorer is expensive which costs around $200. Whereas, the later combination is free of cost. But, it is difficult to use for the people that do not have sound knowledge of Linux or the users that are not acquainted to use command line. Also, FAQ of Synology does not cover all possible scenarios which becomes difficult for the users in case of any problematic situation.

Basic Requirements for NAS Technology

The basic requirements needed for the working of Synology NAS recovery are – computer running windows, plenty of time and free space. A computer is needed to connect all NAS disks. SATA and USB ports can be used in any combinations for working of software. For better results, SATA ports are recommended but not all computers have four to six SATA ports available. It is also recommended to use a powerful computer as recovery of large data requires various resources at a time. Free space allows the user to copy all the recovered data from NAS. Free space is important as at is not possible to store all the revived data in the same disk. Lastly, the expectation of getting the data recovery done in a short span of time is a big lie. This is an important factor as array requires reading the NAS disk thrice. However, majority of the time the work is carried out by the computer alone. Hence, there is no need to be on the computer for the entire recovery process.