Why Treasury Departments should Use a Cloud-Based TMS

Treasury professionals are strategic partners to executive management. The treasury team works by receiving, disbursing, and reporting the funds which flow through the organization every day. These days, they can do better in this role if they use a cloud-based system.

A dependable treasury management system will allow treasury professionals to automate these mundane tasks. Eliminating their dependence on manual spreadsheets can also result in better and higher-quality financial reports. While in-house automation can speed up and reduce human error, the benefits of développement de logiciels cloud sur mesure go well beyond these steps. Here are the benefits of using a cloud-based TMS:

Reduced Cost

A cloud-based TMS has a lower upfront cost than installed software. They don’t involve initial capital outlay. The big capital expenses for security, infrastructure, and physical facility are spread over a lot of users. The implementation and maintenance of an installed TMS will require the availability of IT resources. It is possible for the treasury department to be in political battles or internal budgetary issues when they are supposed to concentrate on their work.


The growth of an organization can mean the growth of the treasury department’s function. There will be an increase in monthly operating expenses; however, this is predictable. Keeping the TMS in-house and depending on the IT staff of the organization can make customization more possible than in the cloud. However, the tradeoffs in time and cost may not be worth it anymore.

Improved Security

Did you know that the majority of data breaches happen within private companies instead of hosted, shared environments? Data centers with multiple tenants which serve Saas clients have prioritized security. They need to meet industry standards and invest in their physical premises, infrastructures, and recovery capabilities. This means they have the capability of doing security better than the majority of companies.

Accessibility of More Tools

Treasury organizations that use a cloud-based TMS have access to more advanced tools. Today, everything is mobile and global. A TMS that is based on the cloud allows organizations to reap the benefits of mobility and ubiquity. The system makes sure that the treasury function keeps pace with the other functions in the company and contributes strategically.

Effective treasury risk management should involve the use of cloud-based systems to protect and optimize the organization’s cash. This ensures the company can move their cash in and out of different locations. Only a cloud-based system in the treasury will make this kind of flexibility and agility possible.